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Anthony Trudeau

Today I made the purchase of the Premium Collection of components from Telerik.  This follows an evaluation I’ve been doing to replace the Infragistics components we currently use for Windows Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and WPF.

It was not a formal evaluation.  I had already decided to move the company away from Infragistics.  That decision was mostly born out of frustration with support over using the Infragistics components in my first production MVC application.

One such issue was a simple scenario where you have a model that has a scalar property that can be one value out of a list.  The built-in combobox does this, but I was told by Infragistics support that they didn’t support it – and it took them several emails and days of waiting between responses to determine that.  I implemented this in Telerik in a minute not including the several minutes it took me to get a rudimentary understanding for the component and its API.

Here’s the code using the built-in combobox:

@Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.VendorId, 
   new SelectList(ViewBag.Vendors, "VendorId", "VendorName", Model.VendorId), 
   "Select Id")

Here’s the code using the Telerik combobox:

@(Html.Telerik().ComboBoxFor(model => model.VendorId)
    .BindTo(new SelectList(ViewBag.Vendors, "VendorId", "VendorName", Model.VendorId))


I chose Telerik over other competitors based on the professional appearance of their website, and how easy it was to find information.  I’d like to say I had time to evaluate other Infragistics competitors.  Due to time constraints I had to make an initial decision based on superficial, but still important things.

I picked Telerik with the plan to only look further at other companies if my evaluation didn’t meet my expectations.  Luckily they did, because I didn’t relish the thought of carving out more time to evaluate another set of components.

Overall my experience with Telerik has been superior to Infragistics in every way.  The installation was easy using their control panel installer application.  Getting up to speed has been easy.  And the communication from Telerik has met my expectations.  And we’ll continue to be good as long as I don’t start getting email messages from a sales rep saying that they want to talk to me about training and consulting – I’m looking at you Infragistics.

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 4:27 PM Infragistics , .NET , Telerik | Back to top

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# re: Exit Infragistics, Enter Telerik
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It's been a couple years. Are you still using Telerik?
Left by kmote on May 12, 2014 11:55 AM

# re: Exit Infragistics, Enter Telerik
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I'm not sure why I wasn't emailed about your comment. Yes, I'm still using Telerik components. I'm doing mostly WPF. I'm leery about their Kendo UI for MVC.
Left by Anthony Trudeau on May 15, 2014 10:18 AM

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