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Exploring SharePoint 2013

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Language packs enable to view SharePoint site in other languages like Dutch, Spanish, etc. These language packs are available free to download from Microsoft site. Once it's installed and configured in SharePoint then users will get option to select those language and view the site in that language.

Where can I download SharePoint 2010 language packs?
Microsoft provides 40 different languages (including English) for SharePoint Foundation/Server 2010. Those language packs have the sharepoint site terms like Welcome, Site Actions, Recycle Bin in respective language.

Language Packs for SharePoint Foundation 2010 :
Language Packs for SharePoint Server 2010 :
Note: These URLs were taken on 30th November 2010. if not available, then search "Language Packs for SharePoint 2010" in Google.

What I need to consider before installing language packs?
For SharePoint Foundation 2010 language pack can be downloaded and installed directly. But for SharePoint Server 2010, the SharePoint Foundation version language pack must be installed before SharePoint Server version. By default the download page will show English language pack and for each language the language packs should downloaded and installed seperately.

Installing languages won't translate the entire site content. It'll show only the site elements like label text, button text in selected language. Content entered in Content Editor Webpart or wiki pages content will be displayed in same language as feeded in even after changing site language. For Content translation, seperate third party application should be used.

How to install language packs and enable it on SharePoint 2010 sites?
Installing Language Pack and enabling on SharePoint site is very simple and straight-forward.

  1. In the download page, select the required language, click change button. Then download the Language pack exe file. The download page and installation wizard will be in it's respective language.

  2. Install the Foundation Version language pack and Server Version language pack.

  3. Once installed, navigate Central Administration -> Upgrade and Migration -> Check product and patch installation status.
    In that page all installed language packs will be listed. If the Install Status is "Installed" then SharePoint is ready to use those languages.
    Product and Patch installation status

  4. Open the SharePoint site -> Site Settings -> Site Administration -> Language Settings.
    Language Settings

  5. In Language Settings page, under alternate language(s) section select the language(s). Click Ok to Save the setting.
    Select Alternate Language(s)

  6. Now in Top Right Menu, a menu option getting displayed "Select Display Language" which has the enabled languages as submenu option.
    Select Display Language
  7. Select the language to view the site in that language.
    Site Settings in French

posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 11:48 AM


# re: How to Install Language Pack in SharePoint 2010? 2/25/2014 7:54 PM vaughn
Things ran smoothly on my end, just followed the steps, and there, installation was great. - Best Naperville Dentist

# re: How to Install Language Pack in SharePoint 2010? 2/28/2014 11:54 AM adam
It's perfect. have been using the pack in my work, and I really like it. - Adam LaFavre

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