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Exploring SharePoint 2013

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I got a question in MSDN forum that how to add a SharePoint document property in respective document's footer and it should be available to all new documents. It's really interesting and started R&D on this. Lets see how to insert document property in header/footer.

How to use SharePoint document property inside Document's Header/Footer?
Here the steps on creating document library and update the document template.

  1. First I'll create a Document Library named "Docs". If you already have document library then skip this step.
    New Document Library

  2. Lets create 2 more new columns(Phase, Level) which are document properties (Open Document Library -> Library Tools (Tab) -> Library (Tab) -> Create Column. Phase is choice field with some choice items and Level is Single line of Text.

  3. Open Document Library -> Library Tools (Tab) -> Library (Tab) -> Library Settings.

  4. Under General Settings -> Advanced Settings. Under Document Template Section select "(Edit Template)" link. (If you want to use same template for different libraries then save the document in site assets or central library and provide the path here.) It'll open new empty document in Microsoft Word.
    Document Template

  5. In Microsoft Word Click "Insert" tab -> Header. Select a header design as required. Remove elements in Header which are not required. Place the cursor on Header area and select "Insert" tab -> Quick Parts in Text Section -> Document Property -> Phase. Here it'll list all document properties including fields available in the same SharePoint library. Same way insert "Level" Property too.
    Edit Document Template

    After inserting all the proerties, document is ready to go back to SharePoint.

    Document Template after adding Properties

  6. Save the document and exit from MS Word. Return to the SharePoint library settings Window and click "Ok" to save the changes.

  7. Now the library is ready with required template. Open the Document library -> Library Tools (Tab) -> Documents (Tab) -> New Document -> New Document. It'll show warning and just click Ok. Microsoft Word will be opened with the specified template.
    New Document based on Template

    Add content and just save with proper name. That's it!
posted on Thursday, December 2, 2010 6:05 PM


# re: How to use SharePoint List data inside Document Header/Footer? 3/27/2014 4:19 AM Guy Turton
ECM Wise ( has a Sharepoint Document Footer Office Add-In that allows you to automatically insert sharepoint metadata into the footer of a document. All without using templates.

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